How to: Get Started, Stay Safe and Operate Your Music Career is a book that enables independent recording artists, songwriters and musicians to become well-informed decision makers in their music career. This book encourages independent artists to learn about the music industry and to be active participants in the business portion of their music career. The authors, Barry Victor Jr. and Kellan Patterson stress the importance of independent artist understanding the value of their creative works and taking the necessary steps to be in a position to monetize the consumption of their music. This book was created for the DIY type. This book serves as a launching point for independent artists who are interested in becoming more business savvy within the music industry. Once completing this book the reader will be able to follow along any topic of conversation that may take place in the music industry ranging from copyrights and trademarks to performance rights organizations. If you are an independent artist, manager or someone just interested in the music industry, this book is an easy introduction into the music business world.


How to: Get started, Stay safe and Operate Your Music Career (Book)

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  • The complete DIY guide for independent artists, songwriters and musicians.

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